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"In Their Distress" by Kristine JH McClure

"In Their Distress" is a painting that touches on a subject very near to my heart, namely those suffering with poverty and/or homelessness, especially children.  I painted this piece to help give a voice to the many people in our world who slip under the radar.

This painting was inspired by the beautiful people of Zimbabwe, who are struggling through a massive national upheaval, and have experienced loss on many levels. The colors of the flag of Zimbabwe are reflected in the tears.

The children of poverty, war, and genocide have no voice, and they inherit tears that are too large for them to carry.  It’s up to us to advocate for them, and help them carry these burdens.

If this appeal touches your heart, please consider in what ways you can help those around you who are struggling with poverty and homelessness, whether locally or globally.  The opportunities are endless.